Pilier Series

A series of boldly sculpted furnitures and objects, an appreciation of

the raw metal feel and texture. A symbiosis between craftsmanship

and industrial production. The series is made in steel without any welds.

Assembled by Sizar Alexis in Eskilstuna, Where various parts goes into

one and another then locked in place by custom made threaded pins

and nuts that looks like the supporting pillars.

Pilier Side Table

Dimensions: length 40cm, width 34cm, height 39cm, Weighs: ~15 kg

Pilier Tray

Pilier Tray Small

Dimensions: length 23cm, width 23cm, height 6cm

Material: Blackened steel and ox leather

Pilier Tray Low

Dimensions: length 35cm, width 28cm, height 4,5cm

Material: Blackened steel and ox leather

Pilier Low Sideboard

Dimensions: length 182cm, width 40cm, height 40cm, Weighs: ~50kg


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